7DRL - Day 3

The 7DRL Challenge is nearly half over, and Space Explorer is still more or less on track. Today was my first full day of production, and I feel like some really solid progress was made.


You can now fly around from system to system and uncover their secrets. For each secret you research, you will get paid a tidy sum. Some secrets are worth much more than others, namely the kind that your sponsor (Planetary Exploitation Inc.) can use to turn a profit! I mean, science is great and all, but it's hard to argue with the almighty dollar!


There are several components missing, such as the "encounter" system (which is really key for the whole experience). I hope to have most of those bits up and running by the end of tomorrow, so I can start working on content and balance in earnest. Oh, and audio... I always forget about that.


In my brief (nearly non-existent) research into similar games, I stumbled upon a little gem called "Strange Adventures in Infinite Space". The game bears a remarkable resemblance to Space Explorer... at least from the online reviews I have read. I refuse to play the game lest it sully my pure artistic vision, but I will definitely pick it up once the week is over. Looks like a great game!


7DRL 2017 - Space Explorer

Just a few hours ago, I happened to notice that the 2017 Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge was starting tomorrow (http://7drl.org/). The objective of this event, in case it isn't obvious, is to create a "Roguelike" game in just 7 days! I decided on a whim that this will be the year I finally make a game for the challenge, so here we go.


For those who don't know, a "Roguelike" is a game that is at least roughly modeled after the original "Rogue" video game from 1980. In this game, players are required to explore a randomly generated dungeon full of monsters and loot. Modern roguelike games can be quite different from the original, but they share certain key features such as random levels and "permadeath" (you only get one life... #YOLO, except in a purely digital sense :) ).


I have decided to build a game that has been rattling around in my head for many years... which also happens to be quite roguelike in nature. The premise is that you are a valiant space captain, on a mission to explore a dangerous sector of space. You get paid "by the planet", with high-value planets being worth more than crumby ones. Explore and save credits to upgrade your ship! Of course, there will be nasty space aliens who exist only to make your life difficult... but those are the hazards of being a valiant space captain!


The challenge officially starts tomorrow. Unfortunately, just like the Big Guy, I will only have 6 days to create the universe. He got to rest on the seventh, whereas I will be driving... but, six days should be lots. I plan on posting regular blog updates with my progress as the week unfolds. Stay tuned!


Sky Trader - Overview

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Hey, a website!

Welcome to the new online home of Feudant Interactive! We will be posting regularly about our current project, "Sky Trader", a fantastical airship exploration/trading game. Stay tuned for dev posts, screenshots, videos, and more.