Sky Trader - Overview

Sky Trader is a game about everyone's favorite steampunk fantasy mode of transportation, airships. More precisely, Sky Trader is an Adventure/RPG game that focuses on airship trade, exploration, and combat. We even plan on throwing in a dash of crafting and construction!


In Sky Trader, you will start your career as the captain and owner of a small, humble airship. To earn an income, you will have to trade goods and transport passengers from port to port, harvest goods from key locations, and take on missions. After some time, you will have enough gold to upgrade your ship's hardware and hire officers. Later, you will have the opportunity to acquire larger and more powerful airships, with vast cargo holds and impressive weapons.


The path ahead will not be without danger, of course. Sky pirates ply the airways, seeking out easy prey. Even worse, strange creatures inhabit the highest mountaintops and deepest fog-shrouded canyons. You will not be defenseless against these perils, mind you! Your ship will have room for many different types of weapons, ranging from simple cannons to more esoteric options like flamethrowers!


Ultimately, you will establish trade routes, explore the world and unlock its mysteries. If you are careful, you might even survive!


Stay tuned for more Sky Trader news as development continues.