Release the mooring lines, fire up the boiler, and prepare to lift off in this high-flying game of airships, sky cities, and pirates! Welcome to Sky Trader!!


Theria is a mysterious world, shrouded in an impregnable layer of mist. Use your airship to map the far reaches of this strange land, and you will find some who are willing to pay a great deal for your findings.


The sky-islands of Theria have a wealth of natural resources. Trade with the locals to fortify your wealth. You will need every penny for ship repairs, upgrades and crew replacement!


Unfortunately, this world is not without its dangers. There are those who would rob you of your riches, and your airship! In other places you may encounter less-than-friendly creatures of the sky. Arm your ship well, it is a long ways down!


Your very own airship! Manage your fuel and crew as you explore every nook and cranny of the world. But be careful, some places are safe and others are very, very dangerous.


Explore a beautiful living, breathing world. Theria, the world of Sky Trader, is anything but static. Watch sunsets and sunrises while commanding your airship. Everytime you play is different, with the locations randomly shuffled across the map.


Find friendly settlements, then buy and sell goods to turn a tidy profit. Some towns require goods that other towns have a surplus of. Take advantage of supply and demand, and trade your way to fame and glory!


Trade information for money. During your travels, you will unearth many secrets and new discoveries. Some citizens and institutions will pay you well for your findings.


You will face many enemies. While you will encounter many friendly airships during your travels, sky pirates will undoubtedly find you and try their hardest to defeat you. Eventually you will take the fight to them, attacking their bases and making the airways safe. Also, be ever mindful of the mist below... and the creatures that arise from its depths.


Combat is a deadly compromise. Should you engage or run away? Sometimes, bringing down an enemy won't be worth the damage and lost fuel. A weakened airship far from home puts both you and your crew at great risk. Choosing your battles wisely can be very profitable, however, as you can pick through the wreckage of your fallen foes for valuable treasures.


Upgrade! Save those gold crowns, and soon you will be able to afford some fancy new equipment! Shipyards are scattered around Theria, each with unique items and ships available. As with everything in Sky Trader, you must balance firepower with defence, agility, and cargo capacity. An unprofitable airship as as risky as an unarmed one. Eventually, you will have enough money to buy a bigger, better airship!


Invest in your trading company. If you secure an area, you will have the opportunity to establish your very own bases and outposts. From here, you can set up trade routes and dispatch airships, providing a steady income to support your adventuring!

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Looks great, when can I buy it?

We plan to release Sky Trader as a Steam Early Access title... soon... Sign up to our mailing list and we will be sure to let you know!

How much is this thing going to cost? Is it going to be one of those free-to-play games?

We think free-to-play games are great, but this isn't one of them. We plan to charge a fair, upfront price for the finished game.

I have lots of friends, and I really like playing games with them. Is your game multiplayer?

While we have tossed around the idea of making Sky Trader multiplayer, we are currently focusing on a single-player RPG experience. We have been careful to maintain a multiplayer focused code base, however, and introducing multiplayer co-op (or even pvp) is a definite possibility. If this is important to you, let us know!

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